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Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Chiron

by Sarah Jane on 03/17/12

March 17, 2012

What does it mean to have Jupiter transit over your natal Chiron?  I am going to offer some possibilities here.  

In general, I like transits. They activate us. They are times to prepare for, be aware of, and line things up for. For example, if you want a new job and your chart is relatively calm and stable, no major transits happening at the time, then look ahead and pinpoint when the next major transit will occur. Be patient and get things in line for when that transit comes. Work on your resume; look into different job options, and as the time approaches, start sending out the resumes. Major transits are a good time to capitalize on things you've already been working on.

I like to use the metaphor of the sea when it comes to understanding life and transits.  Basically, the sea has many faces. It can be calm, the waters can be rough. There is a time when waves are big and when waves are small.  Learning to ride the waves like a surfer is the same as learning to ride the waves of life. Some fear big waves, like tsunami's and others find calm times boring or alternatively peaceful. At the end of the day, it's our response to the waves of life, not the waves themselves that determine our destiny.  Could we die if we don't learn to ride the waves, prepare for them or be mindful at all times of the sea? Absolutely, but can we also learn, grown and rise to new heights by learning from and working with the waves of the sea? YES!

So when it comes to Jupiter transiting Chiron what can we expect? Well, the conjunction is the strongest of all aspects. The exact date it crosses or touches chiron, look to see if there are any other minor transits that can help explain or bring the energy to life.  Ie: is venus opposing natal Uranus at the same time? Is the Moon opposing natal Mars?  Is there possibly another big transit happening simultaneously such as transiting Uranus oppose natal saturn/ jupiter?  All these things help. They add dimension to the wave, and remember, a transit and a wave are the same thing. So as the wave approaches, you start to see it coming. You see how big it is, how far off it is and start to get yourself ready to respond to it.   

The possibilities mentioned above can bring about things like this: unexpected changes in relationships or quick paced developments in relationships. Someone can suddenly enter your life or leave your life. Things can happen fast.   Action from deep inside may come to the surface and something you've been wanting to do, you finally have the courage to do! Something you've been dreaming about can finally come to fruition.  Unexpected happenings in relation to career or luck in your job could happen at this time and or/ sudden losses or restrictions or a sudden break from or distancing with co-workers could happen due to your sudden need to break free from the chains of restriction and limitation you have forced upon yourself. There is a need to break free and expand and not hold yourself back any longer and there is good energy to do this at this time. There may be some losses along the way, but the sacrifice is for the greater good.

Now those are the minor supporting actors in this dramatic scene. Those are the friends you are surfing with and the waves they are catching.  But the main event is Jupiter conjuncting Chiron. When that exact moment occurs, all the other players are supporting its happening.  So all the things mentioned above are possibilities and at the heart of all that is a need to be optimistic about your ability to make money and accomplish your dreams.  More than that, it's a time to plan and formalize events you have been dreaming about. Its a great time for example, to set a date for a wedding or officially decide Yes, we have the means and we are going to do this. It's  a time of healing, making long term plans for the future that will help you as a person grow. It's a great time to submit applications for higher learning, or send in those resumes for that job you want.  It's a time to dig into your past, open up that journal you haven't looked at in years and see how far you've come.  Look back to about 12 years ago at what was happening in your life, since that's about how long ago it was that Jupiter made this conjunction last.  

It's a time to bring that business you've been trying to start up to life. Make it happen. It's a time to forgive and heal the wounds of the past, and let go of the hurts from your childhood. Move forward with a smile and inner security.

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1. Ellie said on 7/31/14 - 03:33AM
Hi darling, thanks for the great article. I've Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Chiron based on a natal report generated from, but I'm not sure if its from 28.10.14 or untill! Could you comment/advise? (PM would be great) 12 years ago to that date I migrated to a new country and a Canadian international school, a major life event in years of life so far. It was a time where I flourished in the arts in school. I'm currently planning to do so to another new country to fulfill similar artistic dreams. Could it be related in any way? I love the way you write btw. Its so beautiful! Thank you so much :)
2. venus said on 2/17/15 - 04:10AM
on the date of transitin jupiter over my natal chiron, my son was born. (jupiter rules my 5th house). also, on the day sun transited over my chiron, i had the interview and got the job! (sun ruler my ASC)

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